The Invisible Cry (30 Minute Drama)

LOGLINE: The Invisible Cry focuses around a teenage boy called Blake Williams; it is set in East London. Blake is unhappy at school and home, his Mum has her own issues to deal with, and his older brother is currently in prison. How far until Blake is pushed to his limits?

PITCH: There are only six characters in this screenplay, and they each play an important part throughout the drama. This short drama focuses on the characters and their relationships. The protagonist, Blake Williams, is a 12-year-old boy who is unhappy with his life but feels there is nothing he can do to change it. Blake lives with his mother, Katie, (One of the antagonists). Katie is a single mother with two children, Troy and Blake Williams. She is a drug
addict, and often sleeps with drug dealers to get what she wants.  She is an un-fit mother to Troy and Blake, and this had led to Troy’s imprisonment, as he felt he had to steal to make the family some

Blake doesn’t only have a bad time at home but also is the victim of the school bullies. This Short
Drama is set over a period of a few days, and we get to see the inside of Blake’s life
and the outcome of  what  happens when a young boy goes through his troubles unnoticed. There are no special effects and this short piece could easily be filmed on a low budget in a short period of time.

SCENE 1 (Blake and Katie breakfast scene)

SCENE 8 (Katie and Troy phone call)