StarStruck (20 Minute Short Film)

LOG LINE: Have you ever felt like this isn't your first life, like you've been here before? A familiar sense of something or somebody. What life could have been like, if only situations were different?  Well, for two people, Naomi and Carter, this fate is true. 

PITCHSomething about Naomi and Carter is meant to be, whatever life they lead, whatever role they play, the one thing that never changes is the chemistry between them.  Forbidden love seems to be the one consistent theme and leaves these two people feeling like they've met before. How many past lives will it take until they can be together? Is their fate strong enough, or will their love simply get lost among the stars? Starstruck is set in London, it revolves around two main characters, and there is only one scene throughout this short that would require a bigger budget and a lot of extras. But most of this short can be set in a few locations, over a few days. There are no special effects and the story is told through relationships and emotions of the characters.

SCENE 1 (Naomi's first class of the day)

SCENE 4 (Mimi goes to a film premier)

SCENE 6 (Coffee shop encounter)