ECHO (Feature Drama)

LOG LINE: Echo tells the classic Greek tragedy of King Oedipus, who was destined to kill his father and mate with his mother, whilst simultaneously showing a 21st century version, where the fate of the boy Oscar Weathers follows a similar pattern. 

PITCH: Echo is a story set in two eras, Ancient Greece and 21st Century London. The classic tale of King Oedipus is the inspiration for this script. Echo follows the life of baby Oedipus right up until he is King, and also the life of Oscar Weathers, who is put up for adoption as a baby, and doesn't realize his true destiny until the very end of the screenplay. Echo doesn't only tell a version of the classic King Oedipus tale, but also highlights the problems and after effects withholding the truth about adoption can cause, which could be tragic.

SCENES 1-4 (Oedipus's prophecy (1-3) and Tracey and Steve's big decision)

SCENE 10 (Daddy and Son playtime)

SCENE 16 (Oedipus's fate)